Teacher's First - Wiki WalkThrough

How Can I Use Wikis in Education

Help with Wikis

Video Tours of Wiki Tutorials

Tasks to accomplish
  • Edit text
    • Click on edit this page
    • Add/Change your text
    • Click save
  • Create a new page
    • Click on the new page icon
    • Name your page
    • Add some text of some kind
    • Click save
  • Create a link
    • Click on edit this page
    • Highlight the text you want to go to a web page
    • Click on the link icon
    • Click on the external link tab
    • Paste and/or type your website link into the line available
    • Click save
  • Upload a file
    • Click on edit this page
    • Click on the file icon
    • Click upload file
    • Click on the file to add a link to the file to your wiki
    • Click save
  • Add a widget
    • Click on the widget icon
    • Click on the widget icon you'd like to add to your wiki
    • Go to the web page that has your embed code and copy the code
    • Go back to your wiki and paste the embed code in the appropriate place
    • Click save