I have created a complete wordle training module here

Here is some information and resources about wordle.

http://guessthewordle.pbworks.com/f/wordlehelp.pdf - sheet from a twitter tweet - @jenwagner



www.wordle.net - designs a brillant display of words in a variety of arrangements. you have to have java installed on your machine. if you don't have it. go to www.java.com and install - it's free.

Wordle Samples
Did you know you can search for online texts of books and then hit the <ctrl><f> key and it will let you search for specific words, so that you can explore the text of a book and find when it talks about particular topics or words??? Cool Stuff!!! Thanks Lisa Huff for the heads up on how to do that!

an interesting way to combine wordle with pictures!

powerpoint link for using wordle in the classroom - once again a tweet started this search and here is what i found - a ton of resources!!!!

more links and ideas on wordle