I'm not for sure I was aware how awesomely powerful and full of content United Streaming was. As Arkansas educators, we have access to this for free. Did you realize some people have already created over 2000 writing prompts?

Click on this link and you will be able to see one that I copied from already created content. Go ahead and enter your name. It will give you the writing prompt and even provide you with a small word processing pad to type your response. I will have it saved in my teacher resources, but you can print it. It also gives you an idea of what students will see.

Here is a created assignment with a quiz link. They watch a video and answer the questions. I added a couple of questions just to see how easy it was to add questions. http://assignments.discoveryeducation.com/?cdPasscode=Q51FC-4104

Here is another one

I'm working through the variety of things available. I will add more as I get more. I'm sure I will have lots more once I do the presentation on Video Editing on Monday. It won't take me long to teach them how to edit video. So, I plan to start showing them some of the awesome content and tools available through United Streaming.

Wow, there is so much content within this site!!! Obviously, I'm way off task of editing videos or even looking for videos now.

Check out the following puzzlemaker link. You name it, they have it.

Do you wish you have some homework help links for your students and parents. Check this link out.

Here are some links

Do you wish you had quick one-page training guides. Check this link out

Most important - how do students use it in the classroom


Practicing using jaycut for editing with united streaming