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Is there any real value in twitter. ABSOLUTELY! Since starting my twitter account, I've received tons of tweets that have led me to new technology discoveries. The key is in who you choose to follow. Of course, some people like to follow celebrities. That's ok. However, mix in a few good educational people and the value of twitter beyond a fun distraction becomes evident. How do you find them? This is what I did. I knew of specific people that had twitter accounts that I valued their opinions and ideas. I checked out who they were following. I checked out each person's profile and clicked to follow them. I gave it a week or so. If nothing that they posted seemed to interest me, I removed them. If what they posted interested me, I checked out in turn who they were following. It's a gradual process, but so far it has worked for me. I would hazard a guess it is similar to going to a workshop every day for me. I gather at least one good profitable, idea each day.

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professional development opportunities

ever wish you could go to a conference but you don't know if it would have content that you would like. here is a link that was posted from people on twitter that shared all of their presentations from this conference. check it out

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Here are a few ideas/links/products I've heard about or found through following people on twitter.
http://www.creaza.com/ - online editor
http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/ - news stories through photography - what a great idea - a picture is really worth 1000 words
another lady worth following - new links and ideas all the time - i got the one above from here and these below - rroysden
http://www.teachhub.com/news/article/cat/14/item/17 - top 12 classroom management dos and don'ts

NEW - NEW - NEW - NEW !!!!!
http://googletools.barrow.wikispaces.net/ - tweet from web20classroom on twitter
http://www.webblue.havre.k12.mt.us/Teacher/index.html - retweet from Larryferlazzo on twitter
screenr - http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/screenr_instant_screencasts_for_twitter.php - and

**TeachaKidd**A Brief and Informal Twitter Etiquette Guide by @chrisbrogan http://bit.ly/DqlYW
from a blog - twitter in the classroom - http://macmomma.blogspot.com/2009/07/twitter-in-schools-what-does-it-really.html

powerpoint link for using wordle in the classroom - once again a tweet started this search and here is what i found - a ton of resources!!!!

more links and ideas on wordle


Also check out my link on the left that says New Ideas. Part of those ideas come from twitter before I decided to break twitter off into having it's own page.

Ok, here's how I find stuff on twitter. TeachAKidd is a lady I am following. She posted a comment asking if diigo.com was down. So I go to that site. I see that the site is kind of like delicious but more visual. You can overwhelm yourself with everything is out there, but I keyed into the important part of the site. This site was selected as one of the top 100 webapps sites for 2009. Now I have some information to explore. Here is the link for you to explore as well.
[[http://news.cnet.com/8300-13546_109-29.html?tag=bc |http://news.cnet.com/8300-13546_109-29.html?tag=bc]]