Data is going to drive instruction.

2.4 million tli interim assessments created for you

you get to customize your testing after you have had instruction.

alignment is set up by you - align - teach - assess - adjust using your data

at the end of every module - you build in remediation days based on your assessment

you can use quiz builder and make some test items based on the specific sle for each student where they need assistance - parents and/or board members or whoever can go to this site and can see results from every school - no log in required

pop up blockers need to be allowed in order to use the system

teachers can log in from any machine

there are tabs at the top where you locate various data

announcements are on the main page as well as quick links

there are other links as well with manuals etc

there is also a correlation guide that shows you how student scores on tli exams relate to how they will do on the state level eoc's which is now color coded.

follow the tutorial which takes you through seeing what is available in each of the assessment tools