What has TIE done? Find out more at http://tie.k12.ar.us or go to their interactive wiki here

I am a member of the TIE (Technology Infused Education) Cadre. This cadre meets each year to share new technology with each other and figure out ways to share that information with other teachers across the state.

here are some examples that might assist you when presenting in the photo collage module prepared by TIE instructional leaders.

A New Presentation Tool - Prezi - here's a link of tutorials

Wordle Samples
Did you know you can search for online texts of books and then hit the <ctrl><f> key and it will let you search for specific words, so that you can explore the text of a book and find when it talks about particular topics or words??? Cool Stuff!!! Thanks Lisa Huff for the heads up on how to do that!
Collage Samples

In exploring to find these samples, I found some of these programs. These are all in exploration stage, so use or download, at your own risk???
www.docstoc.com - this i'm still exploring
www.worldofteaching.com - 100s of free powerpoints on a variety of subjects - still exploring this as well

Another thing we worked on was forms with googledocs. Here is my sample of forms. Check it out. It's not supposed to really make sense, just a quick input of data, to see how it works.

Here is another concept and page I am working on called protopage. Check it out at http://protopage.com/sgilley

Here are the finds and new links from our spring, 2009 meeting. Check them out. I haven't had a chance to explore all of them. Too many things for my feeble brain to absorb at one sitting.

http://issuu.com (click on ISSUU link on the left to see a sample trial of this technology)

for Presenters ok so I have played with this some. go to the following link and log in as a student
teacher ID is sgilley
team name is team 1
or additional team names are team 2 and team 3 (log in to whichever team you want - or do it multiple times to compare results)
password is gilley
rank your items and see how you compare to the class. initially it's show a positive correlation of 1.00 and matching everything you do, so I may have to play with it some more to see what is wrong. my main goal was to simply create one of my own. I think I have this part fixed now. i will explore further and get instructions out there for others to create one of their own. i can see a number of applications in classroom use.


more on intel. here is the link to log in and get yourself set up with a teacher created login and create a ranking tool of your own. click on the link - the click on teacher workspace. then click to register.

here are all of the k-12 tools available at the intel education site. i can tell already that this needs to a link by itself.

http://www.dimdim.com/ - free web conferencing software
www.sourceforge.net do a search for rocketdock and you can download an app that will turn your desktop to be similar to an apple computer
Brain Rules for Presenters