So far, NECC 2009 has been fantastic. I hit the ground running at 6 this morning (6-29) to grab some breakfast and catch the shuttle at 7 to get to the registration booth and pick up my package of goodies which included the schedule. We usually get to do that on Sunday, but they changed our flight so we didn't get to do that. It sure would've made today easier. Anyway, I went to to some fantastic workshops. The first was by Steve Dembo. He was GREAT! His session was on the top 10 web 2.0 tools.

He used PREZI for his presentation. PowerPoints are out anymore - PREZI is in. I must learn how to use this new tool. Ok, here's his list. I haven't got to check them all out yet, but I will cause they were cool stuff and definitely must haves!!
Bloglines - an aggregate feeder to keep track of any updates made to all of your favorite websites.
delicious - already knew about this one - but it was great to hear how he uses it
sharetabs - a new one for me - truly cool stuff - up to 100 megs of storage for free - AND - you can actually get a phone number that you call into and this site automatically records your - you could come home from a field trip - call on your cell phone and get student reflections and have a podcast created by the time you returned from the trip!
jaycut - another cool one - it's an ONLINE video editing tool
edmodo - what twitter would be if used for education
poll everywhere - a neat way to check on student learning................yes they would text answers using their phones.............oh my..........
xtranormal - text to speech moviemaker - 3D animation - kids will love it a tv studio for your browser to record presentations............ok - maybe not...........but i need to check it out more - seemed cool
prezi - tool he used for his presentation

then i went to a playground session presented by the Virginia ISTE - they used the following packages or talked about them
comic life - i have more information on this wiki about comic life from the HSTI conference - cool stuff
i21 initiative
desire2learn - not free a paid for setup much like blackboard
other free sites mentioned - -

ok - so i eavesdrop on conversations and learned about this one - - reads text to students

i went to some poster sessions and learned more about
scratch - a game making software that is free open source software - i'm sure i'll have more about it in the future.

i went to one after lunch - YUK - it was not so good - i left early and went out to the front of the building - got online and on my phone and did some troubleshooting and fixed my server at school - pretty good - being in washington and fixing something at home!!!

afternoon presenter that was great - leslie fisher - her website pretty much says it all -
here are the highlights
tweetscan - i've got to learn more about this?
remember the
mozy backup software
orbicule undercover
digital cameras - she recommends powershot SD990 or the sony dsc T500B
flip cameras
buy professional level digital cards - lexar professional or sandisk extreme IIII
card reader
usb tv hookup by pinnacle
harman multimedia sound sticks
sling box
netflix watch it now
logtech harmony
ipod touch
keyspan remote

more eavesdropping - ok - so it could be called networking - i didn't get to go to her session - but i heard it was great!

moving on to more new stuff

I'm trying to give credit as I can for who presented where

Web 2.0/K-5 Real World
Now that it's been so long since I've look at my notes, I'm just going to record the highlights of what I heard
  • ITRT - lots of schools have these people on their campus - I call it a technology integration specialist
  • teacher collaboration through blogs, wikis, comment, reading
  • the networked teacher
  • 1st grade on you must keep personal information private
  • publishing process - create items but not to run off and copy but to publish to the web
  • global awareness technology project from fairfax county
  • google site for creating web pages
  • 2nd grade wiki site - each student created a login to join the wiki and created a page about a particular animal
  • gcast for podcasting in 3rd grade - used for creative writing
  • moviemaker
  • voicethread
  • photostory
  • new literacies - blogs with china - they work with a teacher in China and class and China and the students blog back and forth
  • don't underestimate what kids are already doing - capatalize on it!

Top 10 Web Tools presented by Gail Lovely - her twitter account is glovely -
First she defined web 2.0 - collaborative online interactive integrated that will do something well that i can't do better without it
  • vocaroo - record sound and embed in web sites - buy an inexpensive mic ($8.95 from wal-mart) with a long cord - record a welcome to the class and add it to your web site - record students reading a book - imagine how excited parents/grandparents will be to hear their child on the web
  • simply box - bookkmarking tools for web sites - very similar to delicious but graphical
  • count us in website
  • kerpoof - interactive for movies, cards, and stories
  • yackpack - pack you can communicate with - closed, safe community basically amounts to voice mail because you can do text messaged too
  • - not just glogstercom - you can embed discovery video as long as you put it on the private side so that only educator and students can see the content of the video
  • animoto - an online program similar to photostory
  • skype - children's authors who will skype with students - a great way to have guest speakers into your classroom with no travel time
  • voicethread - response to image
  • blogs - she listed tons of blog sites - pick one and use it as it relates to you - a blog should have a sense of purpose not for the teacher but for all to see - classblogmeister - blogspot - chalkdust101.wordpress - yola - - 21classes - blogger
  • wikis - options to choose from - wikispaces - wetpaint - pbwiki
  • voki
  • creatagraph
ITRT presentation - Instructional Technology Resource Teachers
  • They have 1 of these for 1000 students.
  • Claymation
  • Smilebox
  • 20 minute professional development - register with school dude - when do you schedule these? during prep time - during lunch - during early dismissal days - they develop a schedule (my thoughts - i'm going to develop some modules called Microwaved Professional Development)
  • provides flexible training for teachers on the go
  • moodle - they use a moodle server to provide teachers with alot of their lessons - learning is online
  • drama camps/tech camps/computer lab time at night
  • video training modules through
  • smartsync - like synchroneyes
  • also use a variety of web site fro training
CHIMES - i snuck into this one late because I left another presentation early so I will have to go back and find out the presenters name
  • use music to control 'emotion' and classroom atmosphere - this ties in perfectly with one of the presentations at HSTI
  • photowall - globe of pictures - use it to write from during the day - great for writing prompts
  • pictures of vocabulary words - write the word 'love' - then have the students find pictures for that
  • give them a picture and have them write the story of what they think was taking place
so - i confess to drifting off periodically during presentations - so hre's my ideas that flowed from this point of the presentation
  • open source integration day - integration day is computerized - but everything the students do or create has to be using some form of open source product - so that everything is free and doable without cost
  • have students create and plan the integration project involving all subject areas
back to the presentation
  • keep in mind the senses of students
  • CHIMES - got to go back to the book and look up what chimes stands for
  • visual literacy book - see to learn
technology skills - rank yourself according to the iste standards for teachers - beginning - developing - proficient - transformative
  • student learning and creativity - they recommend - blabberize - this will move a teacher from beginning to developing
  • digital age learning experiences and assessment - moving a teacher from developing to proficient - use
  • digital citizenship & responsibility - use voki - no account needed
  • digital age work and learning - move a teacher from beginning to developing - wikispaces - they put the student handbook on wikispaces and let the parents and/or students be able to search for certain terms and find immediately the part of the handbook they need to see
  • professional growth & leadership - move a teacher from developing to proficient - they use elluminate - it's an on line virtual classroom - you can have up to 3 people in a room at once - sounds very similar to etherpad - but i think it has more options - perhaps we could share classrooms across the co-op area??
  • digital age work & learning
  • integration awareness scale - where do you fit? - i asked for a good survey of some sort that would help teachers pinpoint where they fall on this scale - most never put themselves in the right category - he recommends using scenarios to determine where you fit - put a situation in front of a teacher and see how they would respond
    • beginning - beginning awareness of technology - these people are watchers - they can discuss technology but they don't use it
    • developing - aware - these people can do the technology with help. if you help them plan the lesson, they will do it, but if they have a lesson, they can't come up with an idea of how to integrate technology into that lesson plan
    • proficient - active awareness - these people know how to plan - how do they plan - what tools do they now have in their toolbox of technology tools
    • transformative - flexible awareness - they are adjusting constantly - they are comfortable enough that if kids have ideas on how to integrate technology they will go with it
other random ideas that sprung to mind as i walked through the halls of NECC and visited with people there
  • create bookmarks for students that have your wikispaces address on one side of the bookmark and other web site recommendations on the other
  • i want to develop a timeline of technology skills for students based on the iste standards but that also relates to our district - for example - by 3rd grade all students should be proficient using photo story - by 6th grade - they can all do moviemaker - by 8th grade - powerpoint - by high school - adobe premiere or prezi - or whatever the latest technology is that is out there
  • stay tuned for more ideas as i did more things out of my suitcases and have more time to add it to my page