At a recent workshop with presenter Tammy Worcester, she presented some great ideas using one slide of a powerpoint. I have created the powerpoint slide with instructions on the slide. These could be called drive by professional development and great opportunities to integrate technology into the curriculum.

Pizza Glyph

This is a great project that can be adapted or changed based on however you want to use it. In this example, students put ingredients ont he pizza based on information about themselves, but it could easily be adapted with whatever information or ideas you wanted to use. The first file shows what the pizza would look like finished and includes instructions. The second has items moved to the side so that students are ready to start. Here is a template to use - external image x-zip.png pizza glyph.pptx

Post Card

You make the assignment, and then instead of writing a report. They write a postcard telling at least 3 things about the person or topic they want you to know about. So they have to process all of the data and figure out what is important about the person and what you need to know. Here is a template to use with instructions on the side - - if you choose print and print handouts and print 2 per slide - you get a postcard for the student to keep and one for you to keep and grade. external image x-zip.png post card.pptx

Building Healthy Bodies

She used the example of healthy bodies. In the square put the subject. In the four blank text boxes put things that make a body is the template that we saw presented. If you want the man to print big sized - print each slide on a full page. If you want it to print small bodies, click print, select handouts, and print 2 per page. Once printed, the students cut it out and glue the arms and legs on the body and the head.

Alphabet Report

She used this idea for reports. Assign a report about someone. But instead of writing a report, they have to use this template to tell their story. Each part of the story has to begin with the letter shown. Here is a powerpoint template for the alphabet report we saw demoed.