Moodle - Moodle - Moodle - I will have more later on this. But this sounds like a must for an online content management and assessment program. I'll keep you posted, because I truly think this is something that we need to be using with our students.

CONFERENCE - DAY ONE - as always special thanks to Don Benton and his HSTI crew that put on a fantastic conference from top to bottom!!!!!

RANDOM CONFERENCE TIDBITS that I heard mentioned and want to explore more???

I managed to snag a handout from one of the google workshops that was a packed house that I couldn't get it. I'll update notes from it when I get a chance. One thing I know for sure, google forms are GREAT.

Diane Hughes presented on Web 2.0 tools. I didn't get to attend her workshop either but snagged a handout and will update as I get a chance to look it over!


Itunes & Ipods - by Shameka Montgomery - here are some highlights from her session
Use music to motivate and ENGAGE your learners - she showed a great video - Vision of K12 Learners - I searched for you and here is the link.

I'm trying to figure out how to download the player within this wiki - ok - I figured it out - see the video below!!!! Awesome stuff.

She recommended some books. I have added them to my book section of the wiki found over on the lefthand side.

She recommended purchasing a recorder for your ipod and let students record podcasts and podguides. We listened to a sample podcast of a 6th grader explaining how to do improper fractions.

She also told us about IQUIZMAKER. Here's a link to it here. It's a free download application to add to your ipod.

She also recommended a web site by Tony Vincent - Learning in Hand which lets your students create and tell more about your city. Here is the link to that part of his web site.

Other recommended web sites for podcasts

Here wiki page is I hope she generated enough interest so that people will come to my workshop later today on podcasting specifically. I can really expand what she shared! Great workshop Shameka!!!!

BREAKOUT SESSION #2 - E-SCRAPBOOKING by James Foster - download for free - but one copy costs $22 and a district-wide license costs $400 for 250 users and teachers have rights then to install at home. Here is the link to the actual software he downloaded and used.

From escrapbooking - we clicked on basics on the left and went to look at a government web page. Explore some of the many options of escrapbooking they show available on that site.

here are samples that i think truly relate to my photo collages. I'll be exploring this further.

His created web sites for elementary - awesome stuff!!!!

Great Workshop - Thanks - James!

BREAKOUT SESSION #3 - Working the Web...Classroom Appropriate Sites that Support Student Learning by Kimberly Benfield
her web address is

Important notes to remember before you take students to web sites
  • look before you go to web sites
  • plan ahead
  • make sure that you can go to the web site at school

websites of interest
  • bookalike -
  • zamzar - file converter - you can use to convert youtube videos to save to your hard drive at home - then use at school without sacrificing bandwidth - important note - * - if you are saving to your hard drive - remember that some tech wipe out your hard drives each year - so save to an external or flash drive if you want to save your videos from one year to the next. **
  • classroom resources -
interactive websites of interest
Things that you might consider parents purchasing if they are asking how they could assist with your classroom. All require online subscriptions
  • - $49 per license
  • - $15
    quizhub - $40
  • learningplanet - $39.95 individual/$99.95 class subscription
Great workshop - Kim!!!

and no I didn't skip the last workshop of the day. I presented the last workshop of the day on Podcasting. I had standing room only, so I guess it went ok. If you didn't get to attend, click on the Podcasting link on the left and you will get my handout. Of course, nothing beats attending one of my workshops in person!!!!!