Blogging Basics

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Agenda created in conjunction with the TIE Cadre Modules for Arkansas
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This session teaches participants how to create a blog using Google Blogger. Participants learn basic blogging practices and explore how to integrate blogging into their curriculum. Participants will create a blog and plan a lesson for using the blog with their students.

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Upon completion of the session participants will:
1. Describe educational applications for blogging.
2. Create a blog at, and publish a post that includes an image and a video or slideshow.
3. Design a lesson (with accompanying resource materials) that integrates student blogging.
4. Post lesson ideas and resources to newly created blog.
5. Present lesson to the whole group.

8:30 – 9:00 - Welcome and introductions
o Welcome & Introductions
o Discuss goals and objectives for session, referring participants to the agenda.
o Direct participants to the workshop wiki
o Attention-Getter: Show Teacher Tube video: Connectivism, which is embedded on the module wiki. Briefly discuss how blogging is a tool to actively engage students in learning.

9:00 – 9:30 - Activity One: Explore Educational Blogging Applications
Arrange participants into small teams of three to four. Display Explore page of the workshop wiki on the overhead projector, and explain that each team will use the links on the wiki to explore how blogs can be used in education. Each team, using a sheet of easel paper and markers, will create a poster to share their findings with the whole group. Review the questions (posted on the wiki page) that each team’s poster should address:
o WHY should I use digital tools to connect and network with others?
o How can doing so help me GROW professionally?
o How can I use a blog to impact STUDENT learning?

As teams work, circulate and offer guided help as needed. Display the posters and allow time for a walk-thru for participants to read and discuss ideas.

After the walk-thru, have each participant reflect on how he or she could personally use a blog by commenting on the first three posts created on the presenter blog. Display the blog on the overhead projector, and model how to comment on a blog post. Keep displaying participant’s comments on the overhead projector, encouraging all of them to comment and verbally commenting on their responses.
Other links to explore as time permits

9:30 – 9:45 – BREAK

9:45 – 10:00 – Discussion

10:00 – 11:00 Create Blogs

On the projection computer, display the Create page of the wiki. Explain to participants that they will use Google Blogger to create their own blog. The wiki provides step-by-step directions and tutorials for each step. Provide an overview of the six steps and show participants the resources, then let them work independently to create their blogs. As teams work, circulate and offer guided help as needed.
o Step 1: Plan
o Step 2: Set up Blog
o Step 3: Publish About Me Post
o Step 4: Tweak Blog Sidebar
o Step 5: Write Second Post and embed an image and/or video
o Step 6: Read and Comment on Group Members’ Blogs

When participants have created their blogs, have them e-mail the blog URL (address) to presenter. Then, while they work independently, add a link to participant’s blogs in the sidebar of the presenter blog. This PDF document gives directions for doing so. Directions are also in the About Me slideshow on the wiki.

For Step six, number off participants to create small groups. Have group members use the links of the presenter blog to locate group members’ blogs. Then, each group member reads and comments on other members’ blogs.

11:00 – 11:20 – Activity Four: Reading & Commenting on Team Members’ Blogs

  • On the projection computer, show participants the blogroll created on the presenter blog displaying links to the participants’ newly created blogs. Allow participants time to create their own sidebar blogroll with links to participants’ blogs they may want to follow and/or to other blogs of interest. Display the PDF document (and point them to its location on the Create wiki page) that gives step-by-step directions for creating a blogroll in sidebar.
  • On the projection computer, display the article: How to Comment Like a King (or Queen!). Read and discuss the article with participants.
  • Instruct participants to read and comment on their group members’ lessons. Presenter may create new groups or have participants stay in same group from activity two.

11:20 – 11:30 - Closing
o View the video: Pay Attention! (3:23 minute video)
o Have participants reflect on their learning by commenting on the Reflections posts of the presenter blog.
o Complete evaluations.

Additional Activity if Time Permits

Activity Three: Design a Lesson Plan
In the last half of the session, participants design a lesson plan that incorporates blogging and publish the lesson and accompanying resources to their blogs.
o First, participants explore sample lesson plans. Directions and links to blogging lesson plans are on the Design wiki page.
o Next, participants use the lesson plan template (posted on the wiki) to design a lesson. Directions and resources are on the wiki.
o Finally, participants publish their lesson plan to their blog. They use Google Docs to attach accompanying resources. A step-by-step tutorial slideshow is on the Design wiki page.


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