I'm attending an ADE workshop on Google Apps presented via distance learning by Jason Borgen

We are going to be learning about productivity.

Starting the workshops using google earth and visualizing where he has traveled and showing the landscapes.

Cool - a backchannel discussion - I've heard alot about backchannel discussions but haven't been able to be a part of one before - cool beans!

we are using todaysmeet which is a free service - it's so cool........when you are finished with the meeting - you can print the entire transcript of the backchannel discussion

now we are going to be using a parking lot - which is a google drawing - http://bit.y/4-28-parking

all resources today are electronic - i love it!!!


did you know - video

surveys about online and computer games, downloading music, communications, and websites...........

Comparing the versions of blooms taxonomy with the new technological world we live in today. Google will help you cause it's all about collaboration!

ELITERACY - train students to be eliterate.

Some good websites help you to think critically - are these sites real - do they evaluate websites critically

fair use and copyright
cyberbullying/cyber safety - in fact there was a special on the today show this morning about cyberbullying and girls setting up facebook pages to bash other girls - it was terrible what they were doing through anonymous facebook pages.
citing resources

develop your eliterate skills - before you start using google tools

nets standards - arkansas has adopted these as state technology standards - he's using a WORDLE!!! (or other word cloud)
nets standards are for teachers and for students and are slightly different for each.

google yourself and check out your own digital footprint - google alerts are nice to keep track of when people google you

google quiz using google forms...........i have some information about google forms and making them self grading on my google training site - http://tiegoogle.wikispaces.com

you can color code the answers using based on what text there is in there. this is a quick data analyzing feature so you can test students knowledge to see at a quick glance who knows what and what you should focus on - it is a cool feature! there are many free templates that you can use that already have quizzes created for you and you just add in your information.

overview of the tool - play with the tool - create something - and then go beyond (into-through-beyond)

igoogle............where everything is located on your main home page - set it up with gadgets - organizes all important information - now - how do we do it for us?

create a google account with 5 email addresses - so you could create a google page based on that login.......interesting thought...........

igoogle - you can share and do a variety of things with the widgets - you can even share you own igoogle page..........

now we are exploring how to search using google........
define words - define "the word"
search within a site - your name colon with the site name - here is what it looks like - AUP acceptable use policy site:your site name (so words you are searching for within the site - then the word site then a colon then your site name without the http://) (wordssearchingfor site:yoursitename)
google alerts

advanced search - you can find any phrase or specific phrase - you can search for documents/pdfs/gifs/etc.........

what are other ways to search - if you use search - there is also an option that says more options! - search certain date - wonder wheel - timelines

create a custom search engine so that they can only search certain web sites - cool........http://www.google.com/cse

custom safe search - http://www.kidrex.org

http://scholar.google.com - searches scholarly literature - ranked by text when it was published and by who

http://www.googlelabs.com - experimental projects - one is called google squared - for analytical learners - interesting - can even export to csv - etc

what does google offer........everything is collaborative...........web2.0.........everything is stored on the cloud.

from any google web page - if you click on more button - you will see the list of what all google offers and you get even more - cool! - or click here - which is the direct link

Google Docs
share docs with others
office productivity suite
upload existing files
you work on one document whether it is word processing, excel spreadsheet, powerpoint, drawings, etc.

a video by lee lefever about google docs!

going to work with google drawing

google forms - www.portical.org - search for google forms and watch the quick take presentation and create a form

http://edte.ch.blog/interesting ways

http://docs.google.com/template - check out the templates provided

how to use it in schools - share announcements - tardies - classroom management (restroom visits), classroom rules, search the tical site for google and you will find more ideas. survey for administrators for a classroom walkthrough (template at tical)

digital nation video by the verizon foundation

parking lot

blogs http://movingforward.wikispaces.com/blogs - shows several blogs and look at 3 and see how they are being used. some blogs are blocked
the big 5 components of a blog - title - body - picture - links to other site - tags (big keywords)

blog best practices and how do you use a blog (daily reflections, writing skills and prompts, community interaction, motivate staff)

how do we access all of these tools from any google web page - click on more - even more

google groups - groups.google.com - it's a discussion forum, email listserv, simple wiki, and asynchronous discussions.

http://groups.google.com/group/arkansas-google-educators where we are going to go and check out how groups work - great way for teachers to collaborate with other teachers

arkansas-google-educators@googlegroups.com - send an email to the entire group.......use this group to add discussions..........cool - one school is using it as their counselors and posting scholarship information to the seniors. now we are scrolling through the management tasks available. great way for collaboration and discussion forums.

calendars are next - can share with anyone - there are on pdas, share events though rss feeds, can embed in webpage and keep some event private, can create multiple calendars and see all events on each together

he uses a timer to control break times and times spent on activities - http://time.com

google sites............igoogle is more pubic - but it's basically a collaborative enhanced wiki. integrates all of googles other tools within.

google reader - share what you read - have students share their items with their peers - put all things that you follow on your igoogle page

lots of blogs to follow - anything with an rss feed you can add to your google reader account - you can also follow twitter accounts based on their rss feed