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Welcome to my wiki page. I'm still learning. I've created wiki pages for other people, other organizations, but never seem to find the time to create my own page. So, here I go. It's time to start sharing my ideas, my thoughts, and hopefully help others through that sharing.

If you have time, please click here and provide me with valuable feedback for the website.

If you want to be able to know when changes have been made to this wiki, you have a couple of options. First option, you can request to join the wiki, then once accepted, click on manage wiki, click on notifications, and click to be emailed based on what kind of updates you would like to receive. Second option, is to click on this link and subscribe to any updates.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me by email at segilley@cox.net

There will be links on the left hand side of this page to handouts that I have created for various in-service activities I have led. Other links, you might find helpful include the following:

my delicious page - http://delicious.com/sgilley if you click on this link, you can search for the web pages that i think have value. go to my delicious page, type in resources, and it will give you a list of web pages that i think are good resource web pages. you can do the same for math, english, or whatever topic you think you might want to find a web page on. it's a work in process, but always available. If you are interested in starting your own delicious page, here's a great tutorial.

You can find me on on twitter or plurk as uniqsuseq

Other wikis that you might find useful

Rachel Shankles link
Great Tools for Teachers/Librarians found from cathy.oxley at brisbanegrammar.com blog page

Start a discussion about what you see. To participate in the discussion, you have to have a wikispaces account. So log on and create an account, you don't have to create a wiki page. Once you have created an account, log in, click on the discussion tab at the tob of the page you want to comment on, and add your comment to the discussion.

I've added a map that shows where me where users are from that are checking out this page.