Digital Ritalin:
Trying out a new device that’s an app on his phone?
Backchannel: #tiekn1
3600 texts a month – average kid sends
If your kid is awake – your kid is online – 7.5 hours a day online
Graph of student media use during the day
Byot – bring your own technology
Problem Based Learning
Emotional Attachment to Learning
Learned to play guitar and posted it on youtube 79 million hits now other kids are posting their stories of learning to play guitar
Kahn Academy website that teaches all of these topics – thousands of videos – all r links to youtube videos has entire courses online including AP courses
Prakash Nair – Passion Based Learning instead of earning based learning – works for an organization that builds the world’s greatest schools. They build schools built on passion.
Train people to earn money so that they can pursue their passions – we should be training people to pursue their passion and make money while they are doing what they are passionate about.
Student DNA and Teacher DNA
What holds teachers back?
How do you get everyone to have the same passion you have for technology
Teachers are intimidated by children that know more about technology than they do, but how do coaches and others handle students that are bigger and stronger than they are.
Passion + Technology = Digital Ritalin
The Power of One and Marco Torres
Have you heard a kid say they don’t want to have more technology in class?
What bores students?
If this place isn’t perfecting my skills and making me better, what am I doing here?
If your sole purpose is to prepare them for the future, then you need to step outside and see what that future is.
Technology is my Tool
How does CSI introduce one episode of tv for the week – how do you introduce one lesson? Do we make our lessons something kids want to watch or know more about?
My idea from that Do a movie maker episode on what the chapter is about!!!
Make technology not as an afterthought of education, but woven into the fabric of all learning. You need equipment, access AND training.
We have to figure out how to move from analog lessons to digital lessons.
Tony Vincent
Best and Worst Presentations
Brainstorm ideas using inspiration and then organize your thoughts
Copyright free images
Huge.url is a real thing
Ly is a country name (lybia .ly) are all url shorteners – he has shared with us a google document as a web page that is his handout and presentation for today
Visuals are for the audience not for us as the presenter.
Use presenter notes
The magic word
No bullet
No arrow going forward
No sound
No transitions
No backgrounds
Plain font
Logo (magic word)
Don’t be afraid of white space
Copyrightfree images
Shadow background behind white words if the picture has white as well
Apple presentation will do something called alpha blocking – windows will with a transparency pen
Slanting the text sometimes makes it more interesting as well
Embed the video into the slideshow – don’t title the video – it speaks for itself – make the video take up the whole screen
Give examples and show examples as well – What did you notice?
Make charts and graphs large and take up the whole screen
Use quotes and consider making some words come out more than others
Hit the B in powerpoint or keynote it will black out your screen and you can hit the W key and it will white out your screen.
You can also zoom your screen – mac - <ctrl> and arrow key – windows has a free program call zoomit which lets u zoom in and out of the screen.
Handouts – When should the audience receive the handout?
Put yourself in the audience shoes – slideshare
Presentation zen book
Pecha Kucha
20 slides – 20 seconds each – 6 minutes and 40 seconds
Ignite – exactly 5 minutes long – 20 slides – 15 seconds each
Evernote and dropbox
When and why would you choose to use ignite and pecha kucha (excellent for 5 minutes presentations – and you would truly be limited to 5 minutes)
Websites with urls that say it all will allow you to (sound effects) – like if you like

Brian Hinds – My VR Spot
Hosting – sharing – delivering of multimedia content – create a professional learning community and a safe environment for children to share as well

Create social learning networks

Day Two - Tony Vincent
miniphotostory - sonic pic - ipod touch app
ignite or just create one that imulates ignite so that you advance slides but it still just takes a certain amount of time - his website
atomic web - app - tabbed browsing

eclicker - $9.99 for a student response system
storykit - from the - turns it in to a web page
his favorite app - apps store - for more images
use advanced google image search to look for images that are free to reuse
use your presenter notes so that you know what's going to be coming
don't use animations or transitions - going to use powerpoint to select to automatically advance every 15 seconds
demo'd field trip with google earth - there are already preloaded trips that you can use

outcomes today - using google to enhance teaching - introduce the tool - play with the tool - examples of the tool

I have attended a previous session of his and there are notes that you can find here within the wiki

cornel note taking

Tim Holt shared with me that at a recent conference a lady shared 60 sights in 60 minutes and I have included the link from his website here. Looks like lots to explore.

Presentations - what awesome ideas from everyone. Ignite is the perfect solution for all of us that like to talk and share and could go on for hours. Tony shared wtih us another new site called where you can text message comments from presentations