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Internet Safety

What you Leave Online
a digital dossier - do a search for this on youtube and find the footprint information that you leave online.

google yourself - set up a google alert on a variety of things

social networking during working hours and how your employment affects what you post

use of state equipment and social networking
  • anything you post to the wall of a facebook page gets sent out to all fans
  • comparing pages versus groups

Use of work e-mail is not private.
Get a personal e-mail account for personal e-mail
Click on a cached version of a page so that you don't have to enter sign up and login information on some web sites
Change your passwords regularly and use a secure password or - will take all of your text and create it in a variety of formats - kindle - sony e-reader - etc

The moment something is published it is copyrighted........

If you are looking for headphones for your ipod touch - at staples there is one that has headphones and microphones for around $30
little mics - amazon -

add a stylus to your touch -

ipod touch apps by Harry
strip design - making comic strips
comic strip - can use an audio portion
comic strip light
camera for ipod - ipod and an iphone - camera for ipod - can see what each others camera is seeing.............

ipod document camera shared by Tony Vincent at the recent AAIM conference -
only $69!!!

free app - evernote - is alot like simplybox - grab an entire web page and it will go to that page automatically -

  • free app doodlebuddy - it is a doodling app by yourself - but if other people have the app - you can collaboratively doodle together
  • flickr app
  • alarm app
  • asl dictionary - does sign language
  • driver's ed app - all state manuals are in there
  • cloud app - download documents
  • tvuplayer - (there is a tvulite version that is free) picks up channels from around the world
  • i2i chat - where you can text and chat between touches
  • plurk
  • eduteacher - new and cool things out there - like netvibes
  • touchcards
  • gflash+ - flash cards - column a is the first part - column b - is the second and you can do flash cards
  • maps - if the pin is orange - it means there is a street view - and you can go back
  • mighty meeting
  • mypoint - control your powerpoint from your pc - and lets you see your slides also
  • mark cuban's puzzle palace (phoebe - like the dallas maverick guy) takes a picture of nathan then it creates a puzzle of it!!!
  • shmoop app - for different books
  • quizzes
  • vlingo
  • numberline - put the numbers in order
  • remotelite

once you buy an app - you are licensed to put that on as many touches as you want.
buy a cart - charges all of them - syncs - bretford cart - will sync 20 at a time - got a mac

and George arrives at 8:10..................


copyright video - great example of video clips that describe the copyright rules and laws - this would be a great project for students to do so that they really understand copyright laws! the one we watched used disney videos.- video is located on Harry's ipod site (the direct link for the actual video is here) and you can get the second video to use for copyright..........the first disney video is on harry's ipod's site

when you create something that is your own original work - you can decide whether you want others to share in that

exceptions for instructors -

other copyright resources that i have gathered include those found here -

using a google advanced search - and you can pick images that say they are free to use and not copyrighted...........

use of copyrighted works.............

from harry and more which is the copyright video and more Copyright Video
more links from Harry -

- elluminate video conference with Shelly Dirst - signed a contract with apple before christmas and will launch in august the site for back to school

broad goals and what will this add to what we already have - this will promote the media distribution

soft launch
so they can put it on the site before they actually launch it and can start using it.

start with brainstorming...........ideas for what kind of podcasts 1) educators could use 2) students could use 3) parents could use

students - book talks, math how to work problems, labs - short demos, current events tied to discussion, grammar rules, internet safety, hand positions for music lessons, research, how to find information, cite information, things students might not read but would watch, copyright for students, teacher lectures, handbook, suspensions for dummies, how to help students study

educators - professional development, modeling, podcasts about podcasting, quick tech tips, easy to follow (kinda "for dummies") stuff, how to's in tech integration, what's new - latest greatest tech information, internet safety, success stories

community - tech tips (like edline, how to use, etc), how to read understand sat 10, why are we doing podcasts, school news, internet safety, handbooks, breakout each section, sign language lessons, resources, resources at school they might not know about

George - waterproof - shockproof hard drive - 500 gigs - - he has a great web site with some great information - plus here are some highlighted links from his website

next he showed us the document camera shown by tony vincent for $69

ear buds with microphone for $3.00 - at

wallwisher is a great web 2.0 tool that allows for mutliple users to post some instant feedback about a topic - here is one link for more wallwishers ideas and completed walls
we did a couple of brainstorming activities to come up with word cloud words for wordle and/or tagxedo

webspiration- a mind mapping tool
cacoo -- create diagrams online

Ideas of creativity - by Don the Idea Guy -

next he talked about ietherpad which you can create your very own - if you type in the extension and it has not been created it will be created for you. nice idea!

pirate pad and type with me - are both similar and the same thing is true if you type in the extension you want to use it will create it for you if it is a unique name.

and then he concluded with project based learning and some great pdf links and links