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Day Three

Then we went to work on projects and some project based learning activities. You might want to export it as a png instead of a jpeg so that you can remove the background.

Blog that is a journal type activity. You post the prompt. The students respond to the prompt. Make sure that you moderate that and then you can approve the comments before they are posted.

Day Two!!!

Nettrekker. New for Arkansas schools and free!! It's a great way for students to search without annoying ads. Search by subject, standards, key word, save searches for classes, school, or your district. It has a readability level. It will speak content aloud. Great implementation area.

Tammy Worcester. Great stuff even though the internet was flaky and down and up and frustrating us all. We worked through the book published by Tammy Worcester and she has great step-by-steps in there. Interesting points presented include:
  • advanced searching in google to find powerpoints and even find powerpoint jeopardies
  • igoogle creates you a customized home page
  • edublogger with google blogging in - tons of way to post to a blog
  • !!!!! great way to podcast or add sound to your web page - or students practice reading - or reading foreign language
  • - one area of that is called random name picker - can put your class in - then it will scroll and pick a kid and you could ask a question - if they get it right - you can remove their name - so that everyone gets an equal chance - cool stuff!!!!
  • google docs - tons of resources within this - especially sharing - how to do this with students - some options include
    • creating google education accounts
    • create an account for the teacher and a general account for your class so that you could let them use that login
    • go to and create a domain name and can create an email account for that domain and you can make it a catchall email account so that whatever name you put in front of the domain all emails will come to that one account - so students could be, or, etc. very interesting idea!!!
  • google forms - tons of possibilities with this one. I use it all the time. Some ideas include
    • create a blank form with 10 blank answers - then you can do quizzes without having the question written - take the kids to the lab and they can answer questions.
    • she also recommends leaving the last question of any form as required so that if someone hits submit too early, it will stop the form from going on through.
    • embed your forms into your blog page or your wiki pages or your web page.
    • use tiny url and you could put the link on the desktop or on your novell app launcher
    • if/then possibilities or a choose your own adventure as they've described it. if you answer a question one way, it takes you to a new page of questions, or if you answer the other way, it sends you to that page. COOL!!
  • . this one is also great so that kids don't have to type in long url names. the tiny url gives you a random feed after the tiny.url/XXXX, but you can also customize what comes after that to be whatever you want. COOL!!!
  • google maps. enter a location, let the location appear, then click on search nearby and look for hotels, pizza, etc. once you find an address of a location, you can click send and send it to your phone. Way COOL!! Lots of video links within the maps, plus add bookmarks and stories and have it be interactive. very interesting. can then import it into google earth.
  • google calendars. you can use the quick add feature and tell it to add an assignment for next friday and it will figure out what that date is. she uses calendars for different subjects. she puts lesson plans in her calendar. she can also embed the calendar in her blog. you can share the calendar with all teachers and have one location for parents to look at.

Kevin Honeycutt for the afternoon!! Great stories. Here's some snippets. If you get a chance to see him present. Go for it!
  • digital footprints
  • talk with your kids, be a lurker, befriend them on facebook befriend their friends
  • abraham lincoln wrote 2 copies of a letter - one he meant - one he sent
  • brain power - management wants us to create people that can think and use their knowledge. we are creating kids that can pass bubble tests of questions.
  • web2.0 - end-user empowerment - help teachers have empathy for tech support - don't fight - communicate and work together and focus on the bottom line - kids! and empowering them with knowledge
  • guitar with no strings - stealing music - kicked out for thoughtlifting!
  • youtube video teaching his son guitar - i can rewind this guy as many times as i want and he doesn't know how many times i do it in order to learn it. some kids are too embarrassed to tell you that they don't get it. if you podcast it, kids can watch it over and over again
  • online learning - berkeley
  • sketchup to autocad
  • youtube field trip
    • find a funny video
    • find a video that teaches something that you'd like to learn
    • find a video that teaches something your kids would like to learn
  • preview videos - he calls it taming the tool
  • web2.0 and why - asked 4000 people -
  • plurk - ask one question on plurk and twitter and get tons of answers
  • itunes - podcast safaris - teacher tube - charlie bit my finger video and how it relates to online safety
  • hard deadlines and soft deadlines
  • project based learning ideas and projects from his web page -
  • tons of ideas
  • raid his files and web2.0 fun and tons of other ideas from
  • played with plurk for quite a while - a bit overwhelming for me - not for sure i get it yet
  • - virtual storefront for no money - for cadre members if you want to order shirts -
  • - ArtSnacks is a positive learning community.
  • I need my teachers to learn youtube video
  • kds island in second life - cease animation - ha ha

Day One

Tammy Worcester - presenter. You shouldn't assign something that copy and paste accomplishes the task. Take building blocks of ideas and make them do something. Collect - Organize - Building something NEW!!

Projects she talked about included:
  • Pizza Glyph - here is a template to use -
  • Using Google for conversions
  • Control "d" will copy and paste at the same time
  • - will take long urls and make them small. you can even customize them - yes there are many others
  • - !!!!! awesome - you can put in several web addresses and it will create one url for you to use to lead the students through a variety of web pages. this one is worth writing home about. OUTSTANDING!!! just go to - no www - no .com or .org. etc . You just go to and type in the multiply urls you'd like students to go through. I have created a sample one for you here that takes you through some of my web pages.
  • is like twitter
  • - there is also one that does bibliography within word 2007
  • acrostic - use one word
  • post card - here is a template to use - - if you print and print handouts and print 2 per slide - you get a postcard for the student to keep and one for you to keep and grade.
  • hats off to famous scientists
  • building healthy bodies - here is the template that we saw presented. If you want it to print big sized - print each slide on a full page. If you want it to print small bodies, click print, select handouts, and print 2 per page.
  • alphabet report - here is a powerpoint template for the alphabet report we saw demoed -
  • printing powerpoints on sticky notes
    • open powerpoint
    • create a blank slide
    • you want to be able to print a 3 x 3 sticky note
    • Go to page setup and change the width of the slide to 7.5 so that the slide becomes a square.
    • Add what you want to the slide which will be your stickynote content.
    • Recolor options - (right click on a clipart - click on recolor - and if you have the right clipart - you can change various colors on the clipart - click on the color you want and change the color - the example she showed us changed hair color - cool!)
    • Click on print - select handouts - and select 4 slides per page.
    • Once it is printed - place your sticky notes on top of the printed page in the location where each sticky note is located.
    • Put this sheet of paper in your printer in the PROPER way MOST importantly with the sticky side going into the printer first and reprint so that the printer prints on the sticky note itself. MY CAVEAT - Don't blame me if this messes up your printer.................
  • children's story creating a star on the big map while they travel

Kevin Honeycutt conversational lubricants. and lots of ideas and resources. Here are some ideas and thoughts he presented.

So much information it's almost hard to process it all and i want you guys to have all the information at once. we have 2 dynamic speakers that have totally different styles of presentation. one has quick ways to integrate technology into your classroom that are fun for kids but push them to higher level of blooms. i want you guys to use some of these ideas, but i want to get some templates prepared so that it becomes more about the project than hoping the technology works. i'll explain more on those later. A hint for you guys, she calls herself the martha stewart of powerpoint and most of the time she just uses one slide! You're going to be amazed. For those impatient people, her web site is Yes she appears on the NECC link of my wiki as well. She's fantastic!

the second guy is more story oriented, he came from trailer trash as he says, but inspired us with the many, many ways you can reach children - all children and how each of us reach children every day and that some day you will have or many of you have already had that AH HA moment of an adult coming back to you to say you made a difference in their life. One story he told was of the elementary secretary at one school he was at (he said when a counselor got too close - they moved) mailed him postcards. he said i don't know how she knew things weren't good, but she did, every time i felt down, i would be surprised to find a card for me in the mail when i got home. He still had one of those postcards. Then tons of apps for iphone and ipod touches and how to use your ipod nano.

We came back to the hotel we thought to rest and play karaoke but to our surprise it was a web2.0 smackdown as he called it. you had to name and share web2.0 tools that would help the rest of the group and many just named technology tools or software, but it's a great list. Check some of them out when you get a chance. - there is also a link on my wiki of an actual etherpad page that you can go into and try it out
Curse of knowledge - don't assume other know - or always be open to learn something new about something you already knew
Oldies but goodies
Moviemaker planetarium Blue bckgrnd green screen
Make everyone an expert. Laminated tags - alot of my information can be found on my delicious page -
Broadcasting 3 n 4 graders
Ning private social network - online self book publishing
Applestore itunes u safaris
Podomatic with video - easy as mypodcasting but with video
Ta-da list
Roland micro cube - portable speaker
Blue snowflake - microphone
Blue snowball - microphone

ok - those of you that have read through this whole thing - get the prize - the most exciting thing of the nighttime was


for those of you that like karaoke - this internet program lets you bring up TONS of songs for free and sing karaoke. there is even an online record button so that you can record whoever is singing.