creative_vado.jpgI call this the ONE new thing to try page. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced, there is always something new to check out. Each month, I plan to post a new link to check out and ask you to learn more about that link and that technology.


I recently purchased a new toy. It's the creative vado version of the flip phone. I got it for $60 from The pink version was cheaper than the silver version for some reason. WalMart has been marking these down lately. Last ones I saw were marked down to $50. This is not the HD model which is substantially higher. It worked straight out of the box. No battery to charge on intial use. It comes with a usb attachment that charges your battery as well as downloads the content you create on the camera. You can connect it to your tv or lcd projector with a basic camcorder connector. It will record for up to 2 hours on the camera itself. There is no memory card needed. The only negative I have found is it does not take still pictures.
The next item I have purchased is a wacom bamboo tablet. I purchased it on the recommendation of a lady that did a photoshop workshop for me. So far, I like it. It truly is a must have type of toy. You can write in cursive and add cursive to documents. It would also be a HUGE addition for art students and as to my original reason to purchase, a definitely must for photoshop users.

Five New Sites to Explore this School Year by Steven W. Anderson


How to do 11 Techy Things in the New Year by Richard Byrne - via Free Technology for Teachers


Are you trying to teach students to just pick out the important links within a web page? Try these tools to have them mark the important parts. Webklipperand awesome highlighterare both great tools that get that job done. Check them out!


Furly is a great and interesting tool if you have a variety of web addresses you would like to set up for students/teachers to go to during a presentation or classroom lesson. This site lets you enter all of the web urls and then participants just have to remember one web address and get a drop down menu for the other web sites you will be taking them too. Check it out. Here is one I've created for an after school presentation.


Wallwisher is a great web2.0 tool to have immediate feedback on a presentation or a project that you are working on. Here is the main web page to set up your own. Here is an example of one I created for feedback for an in-service. Here are inventive ways to use wallwisher as well.


It's important to stress to students to read. Here is my shelfari web page. Consider setting yourself up with a shelfari page and perhaps joining some book discussion groups.


It's important that you collaborate with other people. Collaboration is not just on campus, but should be a network of people. Explore this educator's ning and establish your professional learning network.


A great link of graphic organizers. Forms you probably use in the classroom already, but now you can use them online. They are ready to type into and printout.


Another easy FREE one. The best part is you don't even have to register. Just click on ENTER and you are ready to create.


This is the easiest FREE program I have seen for making collages. I have a photo collage link on the left that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make collages using microsoft publisher, but this program, makes it easy. Perhaps not the freedom and creativity that publisher provides, but still an excellent, easy program to use.

August Click on the link and go check it out. Also, if you want additional information and resources on wordle, I have a link for wordle included within this web site. Check out the links over on the left hand side. Click on wordle and learn all of the many possibilities wordle can offer for your students!